This guide will explain each time sheet field

Time Sheet Icons

  • Breaks: This displays rostered and non-rostered break times.
  • Rates: This displays differing pay rates for specific periods.
  • Approve: This enables the Administrator to override any warnings (purple text) and allow them to be processed through payroll unmodified.
  • Map: Enabled when an employee clocks using the ClockOn GO app. Shows the Geo Location of the clocked times in the form of a map.

Time Sheet fields

  • Date: This displays the date of the time sheet entry.
  • Employee: This identifies the selected employee.
  • Location: This identifies the physical location of the subsidiary departments.
  • Department: This displays the department within the selected location to which costs will be allocated.
    • Department Cost Splits (Ellipsis button): Opens up the Department Cost Splits window where you can add cost splits for the time entry
  • Type: This identifies whether the record is a time sheet or a leave record.
  • Role: This can be used to group functionality in the roster.
  • Include in pay: This includes or excludes the selected time sheet in the next payroll.
  • Paid break: The display in this check box determines whether or not the break for this period will be paid.  If paid, the rate of pay is set in the employee's Rule Set under Breaks. This option only applies to breaks not included in the multiple breaks system. Multiple breaks have a paid status which can be enabled or disabled by the Administrator.
  • Shift: This displays the employee's shift. If a change has occurred since rostering, the details can be modified here.
    • The Shift drop down menu: Shift shows a list of recent. These shifts can be selected and removed.
    • Shift Details (Ellipsis button): This allows you to modify the following information about a shiftShift Name
      • Shift Start and End times
      • Minus and Plus shift time alert timings
      • Code details for custom exports (Only use if advised)
  • Shift: Read only fields display rostered Start Time, End Time, Break and Hours, as defined at shift set up. Time entry fields display the actual times collected for Start Time, Break and End Time, as well as actual hours.
  • Time entry: These four fields enable editing of the time entries made by employees. The fourth field reflects the total hours calculated and is displayed in metric format. In the event that the start and end times are not known, times may be entered as total hours only.
  • General notes: This field provides an opportunity for the Administrator to record changes made to the time sheets. These notes are subsequently displayed in the employee's time sheet and are also available as a report. Such notes should be made routinely, whenever a time sheet is edited.
  • Incident notes: Incident notes are not displayed in the employee's time sheet view, but are available to the Administrator as a report. Caution should be exercised in the drafting of incident notes as these may be subpoenaed and therefore should be entirely objective. In the case of a problematic incident, it is advisable to discuss the matter with the employee at the time of the incident and to record that conversation.