Question: How do I add cost splits to a Time Sheet


You can change an employee's department cost splits from within Time Sheet entry, on an per time sheet basis. This can also be done from the Rosters or Payroll using the Time Sheet Details screen.

For more information on cost splits read: Pre-determined Costs Splits.

Editing Time Sheet Department Costs

  1. Select Time Sheets from the home tab or select the stop watch icon from the main screen.
  2. Select the employee's time sheet you want to edit
  3. Double click on the specific time sheet entry to be edited or Select the time sheet entry and Click on Edit
  4. The Time Sheet/Leave detail editing screen will appear, Select the Department ellipses button to display and edit the cost splits.
  5. In the Time Sheet Departments Cost Splits window select the departments from the drop down menus and enter a percentage for each departments
    NOTE: The total percentages must add up to 100%