Time Sheet Approval is the process of checking for incomplete time sheets en-masse. Time Sheets are typically approved prior to payroll or export to a third party program. Incomplete time entries can, however, still be exported (in which case corrections are deferred to another location such as head office rather than at branch level).

  1. To perform Time Sheet Approval, select Time sheet Approval from the Home tab.
  2. The following screen will be shown where you can select the period you are dealing with.
  3. After time sheets have been approved, either at the remote location or the head office, the records can be finalised so as to close off the current pay period and to initiate the new period.

Pay Periods

This screen enables selection of the pay period to be approved. By selecting Edit Period, the start or end date of the period can be varied. Changing the start date is, however, not recommended, as this date advances automatically when the period is approved.

The Include All Employees in Pay Period check box can be unchecked, allowing individual employees or groups of employees to be approved.

Once the pay period has been selected, select Next to advance to the following steps:

Time Sheet Approval:  Step 1 Selecting the Approval Period.

  • In the event of a time sheet with errors or warnings being detected, the names of the invalid employee's time sheets are displayed

Time Sheet Approval:  Step 2 Correcting Time Sheet Errors.

  • Time Sheets with errors can be selected for manual editing by double clicking each entry and then edited by using the auto-fill function (which populates empty times using the displayed shift parameters):

Time Sheet Approval: Step 3 Reviewing Employee Totals.

  • When there are no invalid time sheets, the wizard displays each employee's pre-payroll time sheet data.

    This screen displays a breakdown of hours worked in the current period. 
    • Individual employees are selected with a drop down. 
    • The breakdown includes a dollar calculation of normal, penalty, loading and overtime hours. 
    • The applicable hourly rates are displayed and the subtotal value (security roles can be configured to prevent the display of hourly rates in the approval wizard, leaving only the hours breakdown visible).  
    • A total time sheet-based gross wage is displayed for each employee.

Time Sheet Approval:  Step 4 Approve Time Sheets.

  • This screen displays a summary of hours worked for all employees selected for approval. It includes normal, penalty, loading and overtime hours.Once each employee has been checked, select next to move to the summary screen.
  • Select Approve button complete the approval process. After doing so, an approval summary report may be printed and emailed to the payroll officer.
  • Select Finish to close the wizard.