Positioning and Sizing

The roster information panels are easily positioned and sized for optimal accessibility and viewing convenience.

  1. In the Rosters screen navigate to the Desktop tab and click on the Panel that you want to view. Muli-panel will display all the panels embedded together.
  2. The information panel will pinned to the main work space, next to the roster. (Depending on what is selected this will be left or right of the roster)
  3. Once it is pinned to the main work space you can click an drag the Information panel to where ever you would like it, even to a second monitor
  4. Once the information panel has unpinned from the work space you can resize the window by hovering the mouse at the edge until a double headed arrow shows. Click and drag to the size you want the panel


  1. Move the mouse pointer over the desired panel. 
  2. The panel immediately activates and slides into view. Moving the mouse pointer off the panel causes it to close.
  3. To keep a panel visible at all times it may be pinned by clicking on the Pin icon in the top right-hand corner of the panel.
  4. From there the panel may be docked at various locations on the screen.

NOTE: To return a pinned panel to the left-hand side, click the Pin icon in the top right hand corner and move the mouse pointer off the panel.

If the panel doesn't move, ensure the mouse pointer is off the panel and click once.


  • To dock a panel to an alternative position, drag it until a new docking square becomes available and then release the mouse button. This can be done to a pinned or floating information panel 

  • Panels can be set to float rather than being docked.
    • To do this, drag a pinned panel to any area on the screen by clicking and holding on the caption area
    • To return a floating panel to the left-hand side of the screen, click the Cross icon in the top right-hand corner and move the mouse pointer away


Information panels can be embedded within each other to further optimise the view.

  1. To embed one panel within another first ensure both panels are pinned to the display as only pinned panels can be embedded in this way.
  2. Drag one of the panels over the other and wait for the embed square to appear (indicated by a small tab marker at the bottom) then release the mouse button.
  3. The second panel is now embedded within the first, making both panels readily available for quick access by selecting whichever is desired.

Save Desktop

Changes made to the desktop layout may only be retained by pressing the Save Desktop button.

Location Panel

The location panel displays a list of locations to which the currently logged on user has been granted access. ClockOn rosters can display any combination of selected locations and/or departments. These are selected from this panel.

Press the triangle symbol to the left of each of the locations to expand the view to include departments and roles:

To add and view additional locations to the roster.

  1. click the check box to the right of the required location(s) name.
  2. Select the Load Location button to load the roster for selected locations.
  3. To work with a range of specific departments, click the check boxes to the right of the required departments and press the Load Location button.

Any combination of locations and departments can be loaded into view.
  • To load and display a combined roster for every location select the Select All button followed by the Load button
  • To clear all locations and departments from the current view and start your selection again, select the Clear button followed by the Load button

  • Multiple locations are identified in the left-hand column. Each location is displayed using a black and white cell header:


The Employee panel lists the employees available for rostering (subject to access granted to the logged on user).

  • The bottom part of the panel lists employees available for rostering. 
  • At the top of the employee panel, the first date of the roster period is shown or the date of the shift selected on the roster is shown.
  • By default, employees are sorted first by role and then in alphabetical order. The sort order can be altered by clicking on the desired column header.
    • Clicking once will sort in ascending order.
    •  Clicking twice will sort in descending order.
    • Holding the SHIFT key and clicking on multiple column headers will result in a combined sort order.
  • When multiple locations have been selected for the roster, employees from each location are displayed in this list.


The budget panel is primarily used to display sales to wages budget information as well as the (payroll) cost of the roster.

  • The Periods drop down list contains all previously saved budgets. Each location has its own list of budgets.
  • Previous and future budgets can be loaded for comparison. Budgets can be saved or deleted using the buttons displayed at the top of this panel.
  • The detail level can be adjusted using the View drop down.
    • Select Low to summarise and compare budget values, preventing the display of drill down data.
    • Select Medium to summarise and compare budget values at a department level.
    • Select High to summarise and compare budget values at a daily level.
  • ClockOn calculates costs based on any combination of rostered hours, leave paid, allowances, super or leave entitlements, thereby enabling a costing methodology to suit any business.

Budget/Roster Interaction

Budget and cost information is grouped by location, period, department and day.

  • Day nodes display the summary payments incurred on those days.
  • Payslips are also displayed in this panel. These are located after the Department totals as below.
  • Selecting shifts in the roster automatically sets the focus to the matching department and day.