The legend panel serves as a quick reference guide to the meanings of all warning icons displayed on the roster. There are many warning conditions displayed:

  • Warning icons will be displayed in the bottom right of a Rostered shift
    NOTE: If there is a number this indicates the number of shifts an employee has on the particular day

To access the Legend, hover the mouse over the Legend tab in the top left corner


  •  Booked leave.
  •   Booked leave where entitlements are insufficient.
  •  The employee's default department has not been loaded.
  • The employee department assigned to the shift does not match the default department assigned to the role.
  • The employee's employment anniversary date or probationary period has rolled over.
  •  The employee's birthday.
  •  The shift rostered to the employee overlaps with another.
  •  The employee is on a salary.
  •   Special rates have been applied to the shift.
  •  Special rates with a mismatched rate set – the rate is not in the employee's rateset
  •   Shifts are automatically created based on ordinary working hours.
  •  The employee is unavailable during the hours specified for rostering.
  •   The shift has been locked down.
  •  The shift has been processed in a payroll.
  •   There are clocked times for this shift.
  •  There are clocked times with warnings for this shift.
  •  There are clocked times with errors for this shift.
  •   The employee is not qualified to work the assigned role.
  • The employee has not been rostered for their minimum hours required.
  •   The employee has been rostered more than their maximum hours.
  •  Rostered within x hours of another shift.
  • There is a break in the shift that is after midnight and cannot be displayed.