Before roster construction commences, the basic selection tools need explanation.

  • To select a single cell, left click directly on it. A bright blue border surrounding the cell indicates its selected status.
  • To select an entire day, left click anywhere in the Day Header column.
  • To select an entire row, left click anywhere on the role description.
  • To select all shifts, left click in the space in the top left corner of the Roster work space
  • To select an ad-hoc choice of shifts, first select a shift and then press and hold the CTRL key down whilst clicking the desired shifts.
  • To select a range or grouping of shifts using the mouse
    • left click and hold the mouse pointer in an empty area. 
    • Then drag the mouse pointer in any direction to display a selection rectangle (or lasso)
    • Release the mouse button to select the shifts that lie within the selection rectangle.

NOTE: Almost every change that can be made to a single shift can be made to multiple shifts, provided they are selected before the action is performed.