Shifts can be split so as to apportion part of a day to personal (sick) leave.

Splitting a shift into part worked hours and part personal leave (paid) 

  1. Right click on the desired shift 
  2. Select Shift, then Split
  3. Then select the second part of the shift, the leave portion, and right click.
  4. Select Shift, Shift Change To, then Personal Leave (Paid).
  5. Notice the leave symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner of the cell.
  6. Then size the sick leave component to reflect the correct length.
    TIP: By default personal leave required a General note to be added. Double click on the shift, Resize the shift and add the General Note.
  7. After doing so, adjust the end time of the worked shift to be the same as the start time of the sick leave entry.
    NOTE: You might need to adjust the break to where the break should be taken. When splitting a shift with a break the beak will be added to the second shift