How to set a custom manual rate for a shift or for part of a shift that is different to the employee's normal rate. 

  1. Select the shift that you want the rate to apply to 
  2. Right click, select Rates then Add//Edit Rates
  3. Select Add. Various options for specifying the time range for which the rate will apply are available. Select one of the following:
    1. Add using shift time are used as the start and end times of the rate payment.
    2. Add using custom times allow the user to enter/edit the start and end times of the rate manually.
    3. Add using clocked times at payroll applies the time sheet (clocked times) start and end times during payroll. The start and end time are disabled when using this 
    4. Add using shift start/clocked end at payroll applies the shift start time to the rate payment. The end time will be disabled as it is determined at payroll as per the related time sheet (clocked end time).
      NOTE: You can also select whether it is deferred and you can add more than one rate by pressing the Add button and adding another rate.
  4. In the example, Select Add using shift times. The start and end shift times will be used as the time range.
  5. Update the Type of Rate , the Rate amount and any Pay Options
    NOTE: Special Rates may be paid as a percentage of the employee normal hourly rate, as a +/- change in rate or as a flat dollar amounts.
  6. Once a special rate has been added to the shift you can see the details by hovering over the shift and the hint will display the relevant rate details.