Prior to reserving leave, you may wish to obtain an overview of all leave reserved. This is useful for determining how many people are on leave at a given time and also for establishing the leave patterns of individual employees. From within the rosters screen you can view the leave overview calendar

Accessing the Leave Overview Calendar

  1. Navigate to Home > Rosters
  2. Once the roster are loaded click on the Calculate tab
  3. Select the Leave Overview button from the Calculate toolbar.
  4. The display changes to a 365 day overview calendar, starting with January 1st at the top left and December 31st at the bottom right, for the current calendar yesr. Weekends are displayed in pale yellow (by default) and public holidays are identified (NOTE: these colours are customisable from the setup menu, system setup option). 
    TIP: ClockOn clients will need to add their state and local public holidays to the system as ClockOn only sends national public holidays by default.

  5. To change the year viewed, click the vertical scrollbar, you will be able to see the year you are looking at by looking int he top left corner:
    TIP: Click once in the area above the slider to change to the previous year. Click once in the area below the slider to change to the year ahead.

  6. The number of employees on leave each day is displayed by a number in the cel
  7. Right click on any cell containing these values and select View Leave to display leave details, including employee name and total leave hours taken:

  8. Press Close to return to the leave overview calendar.

TIP: You can access a roster period for a particular day by double-clicking  on any day. The roster will open for the period.

To review an Employee's Leave Pattern

This feature is useful for determining individual leave patterns over a year, including personal leave.

  1. first ensure the employee information panel is visible (Desktop tab > Employee Left).
  2. Select the desired employee to display coloured cells representing the various leave types taken:

NOTE: Use the legend panel to identify the leave type.  This is accessed by hovering over the Legend on the left hand side of the screen: