When running the Payroll, the Termination Wizard will appear when one or more employees have been marked for termination (falling due in that payroll). 

For more information on how to flag an employee for termination read: Setting an Employees for Termination

If there are no Pay Rates to update, this screen will not appear, and Step 5 - Editing Employees Payroll Information will

display. To skip this step Click Here...

If you have one or more employees marked for termination who fall due in that payroll you will be prompted to either Postpone the processing of the termination or to open up the Termination Wizard you will need to double click on the employee's name

NOTE: Calculations relating to entitlements and other issues are performed using the Termination Wizard. Termination can be deferred to a later payroll date if required. A report defining the termination calculation is available. When an employee is to be terminated, the Administrator should follow the procedure using ClockOn’s Termination Wizard.

The Termination Wizard allows for three specific types of terminations to be processed through the system.
Please use the links to the guides below that relate to the specific type of termination in which you need to process.

Once Completed you will be taken back to the Termination Page and you will be able to see which employee you have run through the termination wizard or have selected to postpone their termination. Click on Next to move to the next step of the payroll wizard

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