ClockOn generates an .aba file suitable for importing into any compatible banking software. This has been designed for the electronic transfer of payroll funds to employee accounts.

NOTE: Before the .aba file is generated, ensure that all employees’ bank details have been correctly entered i.e. Account name, Account number and BSB.

Before an EFT (.aba) file can be created, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Select the Locations icon from the setup tab.
  2. Select the appropriate location then select Edit.
  3. Click on the Payments tab and the E.F.T section is at the top of this tab
  4. Enter the EFT details.

    1. Choose the appropriate Balance Method. Either Self Balancing or Credit Only 
    2. Enter the Bank Alias (i.e.  CBA for Commonwealth Bank of Australia). 
    3. Enter the Branch of the bank if required
    4. Enter the BSB for the account to be debited
    5. Enter account number (Acc No) of account to be debited. 
    6. Enter account name (Acc Name) of account to be debited. 
    7. Enter your User Number, a 6-digit number issued by your banking institution that allows access to the banking computer system. (if required)
    8. Enter an 8-digit Description of your payroll. A typical example of this is to enter the word Payroll. (if required)
    9. Enter the File Location:  Enter the location or select the Browse button, represented as a small folder, to browse to the location where the file will be created.
      NOTE: If you are going to be performing payroll on multiple machines please try to choose a file location that can be accessed by both machines
  5. Click on Save

Multiple Locations

If you have multiple location you can group the creation of the .aba file to be bases on 

  1. Locations or
  2. ABN

This is set up under the System tab > System Setup > Registration tab. Select the grouping in the E.F.T Grouping drop down.

Depending in the grouping you might need to have each location's .aba file location go to a different folder, based on the grouping.