What is a Command?

Commands are instructions that are used to communicate with the database to perform specific tasks, work, functions and queries with data.

NOTE: To use the Build export function to add command to an export. The export needs to have been created by a template or by the Build export function. This will not work for any export that has be build using Custom SQLs  

Adding commands

  1. From the Export Manager window select the export you want to add the command to
  2. Once selected either Edit the export or click on the Build Export button
  3. Commands need to be added when building an export.  Select the Add command button.
    1. Multiple commands can be added to an export.  Output from one command might be used in a command that follows. The order of the commands can be changed using the move up and move down arrows in the command ribbon. Care must be taken if the order of the commands is changed because a command that is further down the list may rely on another command being run beforehand.
  4. Once the add command button is selected, enter the required information for the new export command
    1. Command type: The command type has options for data retrieval, table create, table insert, table update and table delete.
      1. Data retrieval: Used to extract data from specific tables.  
      2. Table create: Used to build a new table
      3. Table Insert: Used to add records to a table
      4. Table Update: Used to updated records in a table
      5. Table Delete: Used to delete records from a table
    2. Command name: A default name is shown, this can be changed.
    3. Result name: A default result name is shown, this can be changed.
  5. Click on Save to add the new command

Editing a Command

  1. Once a command (or commands) are named, they can then be edited using the Edit command button.