What are tables and fields?

Tables and fields are the information that a command is looking at in the ClockOn Database. For example the command might Data Retrieval (get data). This command will then look at the Table that has all of the Employee details and you want to select all the data from the fields that have the Employees Names in them.

NOTE: To use the Build export function to add tables and fields to a command in an export. The export needs to have been created by a template or by the Build export function. This will not work for any export that has be build using Custom SQLs

Adding Tables

  1. In the Build Export, select the command that you are adding the table to and click on the Edit button or double click on the command
  2. Tables can be added to the command by either using the Add button at the top of the screen or using a right mouse click and Add table.
  3. When Add table has been selected the Select Table window will open
  4. From Table drop down menu a list of ClockOn tables will be available
  5. Select the table required. Select Save. 

Adding Fields

  1. Once a table has been added, fields within the table can be selected using a right mouse click on the table name.  
  2. Select Add Data Field.
  3. From the Range drop down menu a list of  all the fields in the selected table are listed and can be selected by ticking each field required. Select all can also be used which will select all fields within the table.
  4. Once all the fields are selected click on Save
  5. This will add all of the select field you are looking for.
    TIP: Select High from the View drop down menu to easily view all of the fields in the added tables 
  6. You can add more tables and select fields from those tables.  
    NOTE: If a field name is the same in multiple tables selected, then an alias name will be given to the duplicated named fields in order to differentiate which field is being used in other functions. In the example below, the Empl-cat is repeated in both the Employee table and the Employee category table, so it has been allocated an alias name of Empl_Cat_1 in the second table.
  7. Once all of the tables and files have been added and selected click on Save.

Checking your Selections

  1. When the tables and fields have been added then you can use the Run Command button to check that the information that you were looking for has been selected
  2. This open up an Export options window. Load the range you want to test and click on OK
  3. This will add all of the information gathered on the Results tab for you to look at
    NOTE: The column headers will display the filed names or the Alias if you have added one.
  4. Click on Selection tab to get back to the Tables and Fields

Adding Alias

  1. Click in the Alias column for the field name that you want to change
  2. Once updated click on Save