What are Functions?

Functions are a set of statements that are accepting information from the field selected, performing an action and return a result that can be added to your export. Functions can not be used with commands like Table Create, Table insert, Table Update or Table Delete.

NOTE: To use the Build export function to add functions in an export. The export needs to have been created by a template or by the Build export function. This will not work for any export that has be build using Custom SQLs

Adding Functions 

Once you have added tables and selected fields within those tables for the export, functions can be specified.

  1. Select the Options button at the top of the command screen, 
  2. From the drop down menu, select Functions.
  3. When the Export Functions screen is displayed, select Add Field button.
  4. A new field is added and from the drop down menu you can select the field where a function is required.
  5. Once the field is selected the function can then be selected, from another drop down menu, for the field that was selected
  6. Once a function is selected, the value field can be specified (only available for specific functions)
  7. Once the function has been added click in Save.
  8. You can then add more functions as required and also use the Move up and Move Down arrows to change the order of these.

Function Example

In this example the surname of the employee is being concatenated (joined together) with their first name and the first address line is being concatenated with the second address line.