What are Conditional Fields?

Conditional fields help to return results for your export based on a set of conditions that have been selected. Like only show particular employees who are casual and have worked more that 20 hours in a period of time.  

NOTE: To use the Build export function to add conditional fields in an export. The export needs to have been created by a template or by the Build export function. This will not work for any export that has be build using Custom SQLs

Adding Conditional Fields

Conditional fields can be specified for the export.

  1. Select the Options button at the top of the command screen, 
  2. From the drop down menu select Conditional Fields.
  3. Once the Conditional Fields screen is displayed select the Add button then Add Conditional Field.
  4. Once a new conditional field has been added you can then modify the conditions to return the results you required.
    1. You can used the Add button again to add Field Conditions and Sub Conditions
    2. Clicking in any non bold value like the Conditional Field Name, Condition Type, And/Or and Field Value Type will bring up a drop down menu that can be changed
    3. The bold Enter Values can be clicked on and a value can be entered
    4. The Arrow button will adjust the order of the conditions
  5. Once created click on Save

Conditional Field Example

In the example below the conditional field for pay category has been added.  

  • The default value for the output is Contractor.
  • If the employee type is 0 then set the output value to Full time.
  • If the employee type is 1 then set the output value to Part time.
  • If the employee type is 2 then set the output value to Casual.