What are Filters?

Export filters can greatly affect the accuracy, file size and efficiency of the resultant export data. 

NOTE: To use the Build export function to specify filters in an export. The export needs to have been created by a template or by the Build export function. This will not work for any export that has be build using Custom SQLs

Adding Filters

Filters can be specified for the export.

  1. Select the Options button at the top of the command screen, 
  2. From the drop down menu select Filters.
  3. Once the Filters screen is displayed, fields from the selected tables can be added using the Add button at the top of the screen.
  4. Click on the Field Name and select the field that you want to create the filter for
  5. Then the filter Type can be selected for those fields
    TIP: Using the User selected: filter type allows you to select the filters you want to use at the time of running the report.
  6. The Filter value will change depending on the filter type selected
  7. The And.Or allows you to select how the filters are combined. (Typically this will be set to And)

Filter Example

Department and Employee filter

  • The department and employee are made available as a selection range by the user
  • When this example is run, the following prompts will be displayed

Specified employees, specified payrolls and specific date ranges.

  • The following filters allow the user to select a pay period and employee range.
  • The prompts for the above example appear as follows when the command is run

Excluding Terminated Employees 

  • In the example below the filter is to exclude employees who have been terminated