When creating a new export, the option to load an existing template is available. This allows an existing list of commands (template) and SQLs to be incorporated into the new export.

  1. Create a new export and name it then Save the new export (For more information read: Adding an Export.)
  2. Select the new export then the load template button.
  3. Once the load template button is selected, the list of templates is available from the drop down box. 
  4. Select a template and then the Load button.
  5. The you will be prompt to confirm "Are you sure that you want to apply to template to the current export". Select Yes.
    NOTE: When loading a template onto an export it will overwrite any previous SQL or other loaded templates.
  6. All commands and settings from the template will be copied into the new export.  This can then be customised for the new export using Build Export option.