Actioning Alerts

The View Type can be selected to display

  • Alerts (Requiring Action)
  • Alerts (Actioned)
  • Alerts (All)
  • Recurring Annual Events (Requiring Action)
  • Recurring Annual Events (All).

On selection of the Action button, the Action to Take screen opens. Selection of the Ignore Alert radio button deletes the alert from the list and transfers it to the actioned alerts listing. This implies that no action is required in response to the alert.

Additional buttons direct the Administrator to leave, time sheets or the employee file, depending on the type of the alert:

Ignoring/Deleting Unwanted Alerts (Multiple Selection)

Alerts can be selected either singly or in multiples for the purposes of deletion or ignoring.  Use of the Shift and Control keys facilitates either differential or block selection of the entries. This function enables large numbers of alerts to be dealt with in an effective manner.  Alerts ignored are transferred to the Alerts Actioned category from which they can be retrieved as necessary. 

Actioned Alerts

Once the necessary action has been taken (or ignored), the system reclassifies the alert as actioned. This maintains the old alert as a useful record, which can be recalled either as a display or a report. Actioned alerts cannot be deleted and serve as a useful adjunct to time sheet notes and audits.