A list of administrative reminders may be added to the message centre.

TIP: You can can use the filters in the reminders toolbar to show only the reminders for a Location, Department and/or Employee. You need to navigate to the reminders section first.

Adding a Reminder

  1. In the message centre navigate to the Reminders section by clicking on Requires Action
  2. Click on the Add button.
  3. The Add Reminder screen opens. Add the required information for the reminder
    1. Select a Date for the reminder.
    2. Select the Employee the reminder is for
    3. Enter the reminder message in the Description field. 
      1. If you desire the reminders to repeat over a period, select the button marked Recur and fill in the relevant options as shown below/
      2. Once you have chosen the settings you require, click the OK button to proceed. 
    4. Click on Save to save the reminder
    5. This will add the reminder to the Requires Action list

Actioning Reminders

  1. Select Requires Action to view only the which reminders need actioning
  2. Single click to select the reminder
  3. Select the Action button.
  4. You will be notified as below that the reminder has been actioned. Click OK
  5. Once a reminder has been actioned it no longer appears on the list of reminders. If you click on the Actioned or All filters the actioned reminders show the date that the reminder was actioned.

Editing Reminders

Reminders can be editing by selecting the reminder and then selecting the edit button. The details of the reminder can then be edited and saved.