Adjacent to each of the reports is a column labelled Default and another labelled Favourite.

Default Reports

This column depicts which report will be used within the various screens in ClockOn. 


  • If the Print button is selected in the payroll wizard, ClockOn will select the report to use based on the selected default report under the Payroll Reports > Payslips folder and display the data based in it. For this reason, each section of the reports in ClockOn has a default automatically set.


Using this feature in the Reports screen allows selection of frequently used reports allows sorting them in a summary folder for easy access.

  1. To identify a report as a favourite, select the check box to the right of the report and then Save.
  2. To access the summarised list of Favourite reports, change the View Type drop down to * Favourites
    NOTE: Once the favourite reports have been selected, the Save command must be effected. If this is not done, the favourites list will be discarded when the reports manager is closed.