When you are in preview mode viewing a report you can resize the view by using the three sizing icons or the percentage at the top left hand side of the screen.

Accessing Preview

  1. Navigate to the Reports tab 
  2. Select the report you want to preview
  3. Enter the required Report Options
  4. Click on the Preview button
  5. The report data will be gathered and you will be taken to the Report Preview screen

Sizing Options

  1. In the top left hand side of the screen there are three sizing icons and a % field
    1. The first icon is the whole page view.
    2. The second icon is the full page width view.
    3. The third icon is the 100% view.
    4. The last field shown allows you to enter a percentage for the report view to be resized.
  2. Whichever setting you chose before you Close the report preview will be preserved and used when you next view a report.
    NOTE: Some of the larger reports may take up to 30 seconds to respond to your abort request due to their size.