The following filters can be found in the Report Options screens prior to opening the reports. By manipulating these filters, the scope of the report can be defined.

  • Location Range: Allows selection of locations that will be included as defined in the Location Manager.
  • Department Range: Allows selection of the departments based on the Location Range setting as well as the Departments as defined in the Location Manager.
  • Date Range: Allows for the quick selection of  date periods, including Today, Current Roster, Month To Date, Calendar YTD, Financial YTD, and Range
  • Pay Period Range: Allows for multiple pay periods to be selected within the report. To use this feature, select the start and end dates in the selectors and click the Select button. This will cause all the pay periods within the specified dates to be included in the report
  • Surname Range: Allows for the selection of specific employees to be shown in the report. This setting also includes buttons for including or excluding employees that have email addresses in their employee setup, useful when emailing Rosters and pay slips.
  • By Employment Status: When selected, this allows limiting employee records displayed in the report. The options for this filter are All, Employed, Terminated.
  • By Gender: When selected, this allows the reporting by gender
  • Alert Type: Allows the report to filter the alerts that have been generated by Reminders,  Attendances, Probationary Periods, Leave and Shift Requests, Terminations, and Unavailable Requests
  • Employment Category: Allows the report to be filtered by  Employment Categories
  • Leave Category: Allows the report to be filtered by Leave Categories
  • Leave Group: Allows the report to be filtered by the Leave Groups
  • Financial Year: Indicates that the report will show a single selected financial year. Individual date or month ranges are not possible with this report
  • Adjustment: Allows the report to include or exclude Adjustments that have been assigned to the employees through the use of Allowances
  • Super Fund: Allows the report to be filtered by the Employer Fund Details setup in the Super Tab within System Setup  section of ClockOn
  • Hide Salary breakdowns: allows payslips (series 2 only) to show or hide the breakdown of salary days for salary employees. If Hide Salary breakdowns is selected, then the salary employee's payslip details show as Salary then the days included.  If the Hide salary breakdowns is not enabled, the the salary employee's payslip will show as Normal hours or the leave type and then the breakdown of the days included.
  • Show Employee Type: Allows the roster reports to show an abbreviated type for the employee (e.g. PT=Part time, FT=Full time, CAS=Casual)
  • Include Leave: Allows the roster reports to filter whether Leave entries are shown on the roster.
  • Show Out-of-location times: Allows the report to include or exclude the shifts that are not administered by the person running the report.
  • Include Unassigned shifts: allows the roster reports to show shifts that have not been assigned to an employee.
  • Show totals: allows the roster reports to show or hide total hours on the roster output.

Report Options - Rosters

Pay Period Reports

When running pay period reports, the Load button must be selected to load any payrolls that have a payment date within the selected period (e.g. current pay period, customised date range, current financial year).

Using the Select Payroll ID Range you can filter which payrolls you would like to preview or print

Report Options - Payroll


NOTE: Access to the report filters is subject to security roles and departmental permissions previously set up in ClockOn. Without the appropriate permissions, access to the full range of data will be denied.