As the list of reports in ClockOn is extensive, the reports are split into groups for fast report access. These groups can be accessed in 2 ways.

  1. From the Reports tab you will see different icons for the different report groups
  2. If you have selected any of the report groups from the Reports tab you can then used the View drop down in the Reports Manager screen to quickly jump to the report groups. (see below an outlining list of all the reports)

TIP: The Show All button at the top of the screen will expand or contract the reports list. 

Report Group List

  • Audit Reports: These contain reports that can be used to monitor and track changes made within ClockOn.
  • Employee Reports: These contain reports that relate to employees details stored in ClockOn.  They can be useful for HR management when hard copies of employee details are required for filing or reporting.
  • General Reports: These include reports relating to the Company. Reports included in this section relate to Alerts, Tax Schedules, Licence Count and Location Details
    • Alerts: Lists system and employee generated alerts by department, type,  employment category and selected employee
    • Location Details: Lists company details, roster length and start date and company banking details.
    • Licence count: Lists the number of ClockOn licences used.  
    • Requests: Lists requests that have been entered by employees.  Requests include request for annual leave and request for unavailability.
    • Terminal Scan times: Lists Scan times and when they were imported into ClockOn.
  • Leave Reports: These include Reports relating to the Leave Groups as well as the Leave Entitlements for tracking the accruals and costs to the business for employees
  • Payroll Reports: The Payroll Reports section includes all the information generated from ClockOn from the payroll process. This section is divided into several sections in the Report Manager including:
    • Activity: These reports list the details of employee times as well as a summary of their payslip on the same page.  They are alos available in a compact form.
    • Billing: These Reports are used to manage the costing of employees between locations
    • Budget: These reports are used to manage the budget costs of rosters.  They include Roster Budget summaries and Roster Cost Summary.
    • Roster Cost Summary: This report indicates the overall cost of rostering the employees, including the entitlements associated to these employees including LSL, Personal Leave, etc.
    • Contractors: This group includes Recipient generated tax invoices for contractors
    • Department Costs: These use payroll information to determine the dollar value of Employees.
    • Journal: These reports are used to display the costs for each department. If the export details are completed in the Department setup then these details will be reflected in these reports.
    • Time sheet Approval Summaries: These Reports give a breakdown of the time sheet hours at timesheet approval.
    • PAYG: This section includes the PAYG, as well as the YTD reports, used for tracking the employee's payments and entitlements during a specified date range or a full financial year.
    • Adjustments: Allows tracking the allowances that have been applied to employees in past payrolls.
    • EFT: Lists the record of electronic fund transfer files (.aba files) used for employees pay. This is commonly used as a hard copy backup to verify the actual total EFT amount that should have been be transferred using third party electronic banking software.
    • Payroll Summary: Commonly used at end of financial year to verify the full details of each individual employee's pay breakdown, based on individual payrolls  within the selected date range.
    • Payslips: Issued to employees following a payroll, these indicate employees’ pay details. This report is commonly used when an employee requires a re-print of a specific pay slip, or when an employee requires pay slips for loan applications.
    • Payroll Tax: Used when reporting on Payroll Tax.
    • Superannuation: Superannuation reports contain the super plan number, contact details and employee member numbers to be sent with the company super payment.
    • Termination: Issued to Employees at the point of termination, these reports contain the employment details as well as the final Tax Calculation. Two copies of this report should be printed when an employee is terminated. One copy is given to the employee and the other retained and filed as a printed hard for the employee file.
    • Roster Reports: This section includes Roster Reports listed in portrait (standard reports) and X-Y format. These reports contain the employee's Name, the shift date, Departments, the rostered shifts that were assigned to them, the Actual Times that were clocked and the total shift time.  Some of the report can be printed in colour to take advantage of the roles assigned to employees.
  • Time Sheet Reports: This section includes Timesheet Approval, Rostered/worked hours, Rostered/Worked/Paid comparison.
    • Times sheet Approval Notification: These reports indicate the locations that have run approvals, the date ranges for these timesheet approvals and the employees that are included in them.
    • Rostered/Worked Hours: Displaying the employees shifts as per the time sheets in ClockOn, these reports generally consist of the employee's Name, the shift date, the rostered shifts assigned to them, the Actual Times that were clocked and the total shift time as well as any Administrator notes that have been included in the time sheets. Note: These reports are based on pre-payroll figures and therefore rounding rules are not applied.
    • Rostered/Worked/Paid Comparison: These reports include detail relating to employees hours and their payments.