The unavailability page allows the user to view dates and details of unavailability that have been acknowledged by the Administrator:

Unavailable Request 

This page allows the user to request specific dates and times when they are going to be unavailable for work. The server creates an alert for the ClockOn Administrator, who can decide on the request, approve or deny the request and modify the rosters as appropriate.  The employee can choose to make this a recurring unavailability by selecting the Recur options button.


The employee can then nominate the pattern of the recurrence.  If it is for a single request, then can select the Send request button.

If there needs to be repetitions that are more specific, then the recur options button needs to be selected.

Daily, weekly, monthly or yearly can then be selected.  A specific start and end date can be chosen or number of days, weeks, months years, depending upon the type of recurrence that is selected. In the example below, a weekly recurrence has been selected.

Once the pattern is selected then the send request button will send the request to the ClockOn administrator for review.  The request can then be approved or denied by the administrator.