Version, Build 247

  • Fixed an issue where an update to the employee details was causing the notifications for ClockOn GO to fail.

Version, Build 246

  • Added an option to allow Ratesheet OT Zones to be shared amongst different OT types. This means that an OT zone can optionally be applied once per day only. For example, if we defined Zone 1 @ 150% for 2 hours, it would only be used once, any additional OT hours for the day – from any type of overtime - would move to Zone 2 @ 200%.
  • Added drop-down options to Cumulative Overtime which limits the contributing hours to be the employees Ordinary hours only (as defined in the Working Hours tab in Employee Setup).

Version, Build 245

  • Fixed an issue with the activation system where some users were not able to activate their licenses via ClockOn.
  • Fixed an issue with the super calculation where the accumulated super earnings base value was not getting updated correctly at payroll.
  • Report licensing changes for T&A customers. The system will now allow T&A licenses access to all timesheet reporting.
  • Added a new overtime rule for the retail award. This rule will allow users to set a precursive condition for the `over x hours per day` rule.
  • Added the option to allow users to alter their own timesheet details through the ClockOn Webportal.
  • Fixed an issue with the webportal were breaks were not being created or updated on the timesheet screen when a break length entry was added to the timesheet.

Version, Build 239

  • Changes to allow for the new version of ClockOn GO.
  • Added the ability to save the notify employee button state at payroll.

Version, Build 238

  • Improvements to the ClockOn update system.

Version, Build 235

  • Security improvements for STP.
  • Resolved an issue with STP authentication.

Version, Build 234

  • On the employee details screen, within the roles and qualifications tab a new column has been added to show the departments linked to the roles.
  • Fixed an issue with the FBT exempt option was not showing correctly for duplicated employees on the PAYG summaries.
  • A new activity summary report has been added to show the detail saved within parked payrolls.
  • STP fix to automatically remove invalid characters prior to submission.
  • STP fix to include a default value for ordinary time earnings and super.
  • STP fix to correct the location name.
  • Added functionality to pay in lieu of notice at termination.
  • Modified the timesheet details screen to allow the user to change the date on a previously saved timesheet.
  • Improved security for the ClockOn webportal.
  • MYOB API journal intergration.
  • Added a alert dialog in the locations manager to advise when the user modifies the ABN field.

Version, Build 229

  • Removed the requirement for the client id for manual STP submissions.
  • Modified the STP wizard to cater for the apostrophe character.
  • Added validation to prevent location street fields from exceeding a 38 character limit (required for STP submissions).

Version, Build 228

  • Updated tax tables for the 2018-2019 financial year.
  • Modified the payroll wizard to display the department names when selecting employees.
  • Fixed an issue with paying actual break times that aligned to rostered breaks.
  • Fixed an issue with the paying of overtime when the minimum time between breaks was not allowing users to exclude timesheets.

Version, Build 227

  • Updated ClockOn to be STP compliant.
  • Added a new STP wizard for submitting STP data to the ATO.
  • Fixed an issue with viewing maps in the timesheet edit screen.
  • Added required fields for the STP such OTE (ordinary time earnings) and registered tax agent details.
  • Updated the message centre for STP.
  • Update the scheduling system to allow for STP submissions.
  • Improved system security.
  • Modified to prevent department super contributions from going below zero at payroll.
  • Re-designed the layout of the "Location Manager" screen.
  • Modified the layout "System Setup" > "Other" tab
  • Added the option to generate PAYG summaries for EOFY for the year ending 2018.
  • Added tax tables for the 2018 - 2019 financial year.