Version, Build 212

  • Fixed an issue where timesheets created from the payroll timesheet validation screen where coming through with a zero dollar rate.
  • Fixed issue with the MYOB and journal reports and exports where zero dollar records where occasionally showing.
  • Modified the time based overtime calculation to allow for timesheets that pass midnight.
  • Fixed issue with the webportal where the timesheet approval email was failing to send if the customer is using the email encryption settings.

Version, Build 211

  • Fixed an error that occurred when pressing enter on the login screen repeatedly.
  • Modification in payroll to allow overtime rules that pass over midnight to use the number of hour threshold based from the timesheet date.
  • Fixed issue where the roster desktop save button was not reliably saving back to disk.
  • Corrected an issue with the audit generation at payroll.
  • Payroll modification to allow termination payment amounts to be considered when deducting before tax allowances from the total gross.
  • Modified to retain the employee`s rateset detail on termination.
  • Fixed issue with the leave tracking reporting were the annual leave costings were not reliability including the leave loading amounts.
  • Fixed issue with the leave tracking (historical and opening balance) reporting were the totals were not adding up correctly.
  • Fixed issue with the leave tracking (lsl in hours) reporting as the calculated totals were incorrect.
  • Fixed issue with the ClockOn webportal that prevented employees from retrieving payslip series 2 reports.
  • Fixed issue with the ClockOn webportal where employee requested emails were not sending if the email server is set to use TLS encryption.

Version, Build 210

  • Fixed an issue at payroll relating to the final payment for salaried employees.
  • Added an employee filter to the messages screen.

Version, Build 209

  • Registration changes relating to ClockOn GO.
  • Fixes relating to loading payroll periods.
  • Fixes to the leave entitlement tracking reports.

Version, Build 204

  • Fixed an issue where salary pay adjustments were not being included in the super earnings base..
  • Fixed an issue where the payroll tax reports were including the ETP tax amounts in the adjustments column.
  • Fixed issue where the subject on the employees payslip email showed the word employee twice.
  • Improved the load speed for the roster budgets.
  • Improved the roster save speed.
  • Load time improvements.
  • Speed improvements for the timesheet rate save.
  • Added options to allow AAL to be processed as an additional pool of SAL.
  • Fixed an issue with the scan time report when clocking times at midnight.
  • Fixed an issue with the Leave Entitlements Tracking (Opening Balance, Pro Rate)" report where if was not allowing for a running leave balance greater than 1000 hours.
  • Fixed a reporting issue with timesheet and break lengths.
  • Update to import process.
  • Fixed issue with postponing a termination.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when reinstating employees at payroll after their termination record had been generated.

Version, Build 189

  • Modified the employee PAYG summaries to include allowance.
  • Fixed issue where total allowance amounts where not showing on the PAYG summaries if the employee had two or more aggregated profiles for the financial year.
  • Fixed issue where the value for union fees was not showing correctly on the PAYG certificates.

Version, Build 186

  • Fixed issue at payroll where the tax amount was not calculating on leave payouts if there were no timesheets within the period.
  • Fixed issue at payroll where the super amount was not calculating on leave payouts if there were no timesheets within the period.
  • Disabled the option to sort the columns in the payroll wizard screen.
  • Fixed an error within the payroll wizard that was caused by entering an empty value on the employee payslip details screen.
  • Modified the text at payroll for the accrual of time in lieu from "O/T to TIL" to "Time in Lieu (Accrued)"
  • Fixed issue with the RDO calculation when using the percentage of shift option.
  • Fixed issue with the Leave Entitlements Tracking (Opening balance, Pro Rata, LSL in Hours) report where the SAL hours column was not splitting per pay-rate.

Version, Build 182

  • Added the 2017/2018 Tax Tables
  • Fixed issue with the timesheet screen where it was possible to get an invalid timesheet length after modifying a break.

Version, Build 178

  • Fixed an issue on the timesheet details screen where the break and shift time shows incorrectly after reloading the screen if a change was made using the breaks button and no other changes were made to the timesheet after this point,
  • Fixed the delete functionality on the alerts and notifications screen.
  • Fixed an issue on the roster timesheet details screen where editing the break length was not updating the shift length.
  • Fixed issue where the roster break was not being added to the timesheet until the form was closed when it was manually entered to the roster timesheet details screen.
  • Removed the ability to edit the break minutes directly on the roster timesheet details screen if there is already a break set.
  • Fixed issue where the user was being prompted multiple times when they clicked close and "no" to cancel the changes.
  • Fixed issue with the roster timesheet screen prompting for a save after a break has been saved with no additional changes.
  • Fixed issue with RDO percentage of shift calculation incorrectly including OT.
  • Updated PAYG validation and wizard to include 2016/2017
  • Added public holidays for 2018 and 2019

Version, Build 167

  • Unavailability not showing after changing periods.

Version, Build 164

  • Fixed a speed issue relating to the use of the scroll bars in the roster screen.

Version, Build 162

  • Load time optimizations for the Roster screen.
  • Corrected an issue where the loading progress bar was not being displayed on the roster screen load.
  • Modified the roster location list to only show departments and roles for the locations that have been loaded
  • Performance improvements to saving data and restricted the time taken to minimise locking issues between clients
  • Ratesets not refreshing when in the employee screen and changes have been made.
  • Fixed issue where database could lock and keep clients from saving changes
  • Added new RDO calculation - hours at percentage of shift. Will convert a percentage of the paid hours of a shift into RDO accrual.

Version, Build 154

  • Updated database components.

Version, Build 153

  • Added code to send information to the server for logging transaction details.
  • New security option added to restrict access to the roster date selectors.
  • Fixed an issue in the rosters where it was possible to click on and affect an invisible shift event while using the shift filter options.
  • Added a new option to allow user requests to use the location open days to build leave requests.

Version, Build 147

  • Fixed a bug relating to the auto registration system.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a lock on the database and this was restricting user access to the system.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented shift and leave requests from being processed correctly when being processed on the last day of a month.
  • Fixes relating to the Suprema scanner series.