Question: Can I export a report so it can be manipulated in Excel?


Yes you are able to run any report and export it to an excel spreadsheet. This is done through the Print to File option on the report print screen.

NOTE: In this example I am using a Roster report however this will work with all the reports in ClockOn 

  1. Navigate to Reports > Roster Reports
  2. Double click on the report you want to run (you may need to expand out the Section). The report is Standard > Roster (daily, roles, break times)
    TIP: tick the favourite box, and save, so it is easier to find next time.
  3. Select your filer options for the department, date and any other roster options.
    TIP: for selecting the department you want to use click on the Select drop-down and click on Clear All, then from the Select Department Range drop-down Tick the department you want to run the report for.
  4. Click on Preview to look at the report information
  5.  When the preview window opens you will need to click on the Print icon on the top left
  6. In the Print, window do the following 
    1. Tick the Print to File
    2. From the Type drop-down select: Excel Workbook (*.xlsx)
    3. In the Where section, click on the ... button and chose where you would like to save the file.
  7. Click OK 
  8. There will be an Excel Setup window pop up, just click on OK
  9. The report will now open up in Excel so you can edit the report and run any calculations.
    TIP: you might want to remove the Header information from the report. To do so remove rows, typically 1 - 11.