This article contains the following

  1. Creating a Message
  2. Actioning a message

Creating a Message

From the ClockOn Go app, an employee is able to send a number of different types of messages to their ClockOn administrator (Manager).

For the written steps for this process please see below. 

  1. Navigate to the Messages screen by pressing the Menu button at the top left of the screen and then selecting Messages
  2. For a new message press the icon in the top right corner, this will create a new message.
  3. Set the message type Employee message is used to send a standard message to the employee's department managers.
  4. Enter the text for the message and press Send (located in the top right corner).

This will send a message to the ClockOn Message Centre for the ClockOn administrator (Manager) to be able to view and reply as needed. 

Actioning a message

From the ClockOn Message Centre and also from the Rosters screen, the ClockOn administrator (Manager) can send employees messages that will require some type of confirmation. The steps below will help you to do this.

  1. If there is a message sent to you, from a Manager that requires a response you will be notified in the Messages section of the App. The message will have "Please confirm or Decline" on the message page. Press on the message to open it

  2. Open up the message and press on the status Please Confirm or Decline and then select Confirm or Decline.

  3. Once the status has been updated, press Close on the message

  4. This will send the manager your response to the message and the original notification will now show your response