From the ClockOn Go app an employee is able to send a number of different types of messages to their ClockOn administrator (Manager) to be able to read or send messages you will need internet access.


To access select Rosters from the menu

Creating a new message

  1. Navigate to the messages screen by pressing the Menu button at the top left of the screen and then selecting Messages
  2. All of your messages will then load on to the screen. 
  3. For a new message press the icon in the top right corner, this will create a new message.
  4. Set the message type:
    1. Employee message is used to send a standard message to the employee's department managers. (Option select in this article)
    2. Leave request is for request available leave types.
    3. Unavailability request is for requesting unavailability.
    4. Shift request is for requesting work on selected dates.

  5. Enter the text for the message and press Send (located in the top right corner).

This will send a message to the ClockOn Message Centre for the ClockOn administrator (Manager) to be able to view and reply.