It is possible to run a split payroll on 2 computers for 2 different users - Just be careful that each user processes different employees

NOTE: This will create 2 payrolls and 2 aba files. When exporting the aba files you will need to rename the first one as to not overwrite it with the second one. Be careful adjusting any Rulesets as it will affect the other payroll.

Split Payroll

  1. Navigate to Payroll (Payroll > Payroll)
  2. Untick the Include all employees box in the top right of the Payroll period window
  3. Using the Shift or Ctrl key select all the employees you want to process as the First of the spit payrolls
  4. Click on Next >
    NOTE: Please take note of the Last name that was selected (you might want to split the payroll based on Last Names eg. A - M and M- Z )
  5. Select the payment date for this payroll.
  6. Once you are in Payroll, Park the payroll. This will then lock down those employees.
  7. On the other computer or log in open up payroll like step 1
  8. There will be a pop up Parked Payrolls have been found, restore now? click on cancel
  9. This will take you to the Payroll Period screen and just show the employees that are left. Click on Next and enter Payroll
  10. Back with the first computer or log in navigate to Payroll > Parked Payrolls
  11. Open up the parked payroll