When rostering it is easy to create a spit shift for an employee who is performing different roles during by creating multiple shifts on that day, however this will also create multiple timesheets and it is likely that the staff will clock only against the first of these shifts. The outcome is that when validating the timesheets you will need to clean up the multiple time sheets and not done in the correct way there is a possibility that the costing of those time sheets wont be correct. 

There is a solution! It will requires some initial setup but once setup you will be able to use the special rates function to create these split shifts and if they are regular you can set them up in your roster template to speed up the process even more. 

This use of special rates for Spit shifts used by a number of industries. Most commonly it is used by Hotels, Pubs, Clubs, Medical Centers and Hospitals

Basically the steps are: 

  1. Create the required special rate/s (for the split shift) in the required Rate Schedules 
  2. Applying the Special Rate to the employees
  3. Apply the special rate to the Rostered shift or Time sheet

Creating Role based Special Rates. 

Typically a Special rate will be created to apply a different rate of pay for a part or all of a time sheet however, in this example we will be using Special rates to apply a different role to a rostered shift or time sheet. 

  1. Navigate to Setup > Rate Schedules
  2. Double click on the Rate set that you wish to apply the special rate too. (If you have a number of different rate sets you will need to add the special to each of the Rate sets)
  3. Click on the Special Rates tab

  4. Click on the Add button to create a new special rate

  5. In the newly create special rate add the following:

    1. Name: Name the Role that you want to show on the Roster reports and in Payroll

    2. Role: Select the Role that is to be the 2nd part of the split shift (Department; Role)

    3. Type: +/- $ (This is to add or minus the amount of the rate to the part of the shift)

    4. Rate: $0  (by selecting 0 it will not effect the amount that is being paid.
      NOTE: you can select the type Percentage and Rate 100% also and it will work

  6. If you have multiple Roles that you want split shifts for then repeat steps 4 & 5

  7. Once the split shifts have been created click on Save

  8.  Repeat this for all of the Rate sets that require these role splits

Applying the Special rates to Employees

There are 2 ways you can apply a special rate to an employee

  1. Using the Apply button on the Rateset List window. This gives you the ability to apply the rate set to multiple employees at once
  2. From the Pay tab on the Employee Details screen. This is for specific individuals, one at a time

Using Apply.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Rate Schedules
  2. Click on the Apply icon
  3. Select the Rateset you want to apply to your emaployees from the rateset drop down 
  4. Holding the Ctrl button on your keyboard, select the employees you want to apply the rateset too
  5. Click on the Apply icon
  6. This will apply the rateset to the select employees. Click on Close

Pay tab - Employee Details

  1. Navigate to Setup > Employee details
  2. Select the employee you want to add the rateset too, from the Employee drop down.
  3. Click on the Pay tab
  4. From the Rateset drop down select the rateset you wish to apply
  5. Click on Save

Creating the Split Shift. 

Now that you have set up the split shift special rate it's time to apply it to the rostered shift. These split shift can also be added to Unassigned shifts in a template.

  1. Open up the Rosters screen. Navigate to Home > Rosters
  2. Right click on the shift that you want to add the split shift too
  3. From the pop up menu go to Rates > Pre-Defined (Part shift) > Select the Role
  4. This will create add the role to the shift.
  5. Double click on the shift to edit the times for the newly added role
  6. Click on the Rates icon 
  7. Edit the Between times

  8. Click on Save

To have closer look at how the shift is split 

  1. Select the shift
  2. Go to View > Timeline with Zoom and you will see the split of the shift.

These splits will also show on the printed (X - Y) Roster reports as separate shifts that the employee is rostered on