There are a number of ways in which ClockOn can handle the rostering and payroll processing of On-Call shifts. 

This article will step you though the set up of one on-call scenario, that is typically used by our Medical customers. This setup will allow you to roster and track the hours that an employee is on call for and also pay them the appropriate allowance, while not accruing leave for the time the are on-call  

On-Call setup

Below are the basic steps on how to set up on-call. Scroll down for the complete steps

  1. Create an unpaid On-Call leave category
  2. Create an On-Call Role for rostering
  3. Set up the appropriate On-Call Allowances, as per your award or agreements
  4. Assign the Allowance and Role to the employees who require it

Possible Additional Steps: Depending on how you want to handle the Call back process you can use the Allow Non Rostered Clock On/Off function under the employees special options to possibly trigger Overtime conditions in the Rule set. 

Applying On-Call and Processing

Below are the basic steps on how to apply and Process on-call. Click on the link below for the complete steps

  1. Create an On-Call leave entry (in rosters or timesheets) for the time that the employee is on call for
  2. Assign the Role to the shift
  3. Enter into Payroll and add the total on-call hours for the period to the Allowance/s
  4. Process the payroll

Please Click Here... to view the steps on how to apply and process On-Call

Reporting on On-Call

To report on the On-Call there are multiple reports that will need to be run

  1. Leave Taken Details (Leave Type) - For reporting on the hours 
  2. Payroll Allowances / Deductions - For reporting on the Cost

On-Call Setup

Creating an On-Call Leave Category 

  1. Navigate to Setup > System Setup
    NOTE: All ClockOn windows need to be closed before you can access the System Setup
  2. Go to the Categories tab 
  3. Click on the Name field under the Leave Categories section to select the Leave Categories
  4. Click on Add to create a new Leave Category
  5. Add the Following information int the empty field:
    1. Name: On-Call
    2. Desc: On-Call
    3. Processed As: Other
    4. Notes required: Optional - only tick if you want to force general notes to be added on the time sheets
  6. Click on Save

You have now created a new Leave Category that can be added to the rosters and time sheets. You can close the Setup up window

Creating an On-Call Role

If you want to show the on-call shifts in a different colour on the rosters screen then you can create a new role. 

  1. Navigate to Setup > Locations
  2. To select the location that you want to add the role for, Single click on the location name.
  3. Once selected click on Roles
  4. In the Roles window click on Add
  5. In the new Roles window add, as follows:
    1. Name: On-Call
    2. Department: Select the department that you want this role to be costed to. (In this example it is Doctor)
      NOTE: If you have different departments that you want an On-Call role for then you will need to repeat this process for each department
    3. Short Code: Enter one if you are using short codes on your roster reports
    4. Colour: Select the colour that you like  
  6. Click On Save
  7. Close the Roles window and exit out of locations

Adding an On-Call Allowance

The below step will show how to add the on-call allowance to a new or existing Allowance template and then apply it to multiple people. 

NOTE: you can also update and individuals own allowance from the Employee details screen on their Pay tab by editing the Allowances

  1. Navigate to Setup > Allowances & Deductions
  2. Select the Allowance template you want to update with the On-Call allowance
  3. Click On Edit
  4. Click on Add to create a new allowance
  5. The new allowance will be added to the bottom of the list of allowances and deductions, and then Name will be highlighted ready for you to rename the allowance
  6. Enter and updated the following settings in to create an On-Call allowance
    1. Name: On-Call

    2. Type: Generic

    3. Amount: The per hour $$ value (Or Day Value)

    4. Per: User Defined Hour

    5. PAYG Location: Gross Wage or Salary OR Allowances

    6. Cost: Allocate to default Location

    7. Options: Do you need to include it in the super earning base?

  7. Click on SaveNOTE: If you have more that one on call rate (eg. Weekdays and Weekends, create an allowance for each and name them appropriately 
  8. Now they have been added you need to apply the updated allowances to correct staff members. Single click to select the allowance

  9. Once selected click on Apply

  10. Select the employees you want to update. Use Shift or Ctrl to select multiple employees

  11. Once selected, click on Apply

  12. This will update all of the select employees with the newly updated allowance template.

    NOTE: This will not remove any individual allowances or deductions that employee may have
    TIP: to check if it has been applied, double click on an employee an have a look at their individual allowance set
  13. Click on Close

Assigning the On-Call Role to the Employee

  1. Navigate to Setup > Employee Details
  2. In the Employee Details screen, select the employee that you need to assign the role to
  3. Click on the Roles / Qualifications tab
  4. Click on the Select button
  5. Tick the Assigned tick box for the On-Call role
  6. Click on Save
  7. The employee has now been assigned the role for rostering.
  8. Repeat for each employee who requires the role

Allow Non Rostered Clock On/Off

To ensure that your employees can record their times, even if they are don't have a rostered shift, please ensure that you tick the Allow Non Rostered Clock On/Off on the Special Options tab. 

By doing this if the employee who is on-call is called back you will be able to see the times as a none time sheet. If required a non-rostered time sheet can trigger overtime

TIP: You can handle non-rostered time sheets differently in the time sheets windows by changing the Non-Rostered Timesheets setting.