There are a number of ways in which ClockOn can handle the rostering and payroll processing of On-Call shifts. 

This article will step you though the set up of one on-call scenario, that is typically used by our Medical customers. This setup will allow you to roster and track the hours that an employee is on call for and also pay them the appropriate allowance, while not accruing leave for the time the are on-call  

On-Call setup

Below are the basic steps on how to set up on-call. Click on the link below for the complete steps

  1. Create an unpaid On-Call leave category
  2. Create an On-Call Role for rostering
  3. Set up the appropriate On-Call Allowances, as per your award or agreements
  4. Assign the Allowance and Role to the employees who require it

Possible Additional Steps: Depending on how you want to handle the Call back process you can use the Allow Non Rostered Clock On/Off function under the employees special options to possibly trigger Overtime conditions in the Rule set.

Please Click Here... to view the steps in order to set up all the parts for On-Call

Applying On-Call and Processing

Below are the basic steps on how to apply and Process on-call. Scroll down for the complete steps

  1. Create an On-Call leave entry (in rosters or timesheets) for the time that the employee is on call for
  2. Assign the Role to the shift
  3. Enter into Payroll and add the total on-call hours for the period to the Allowance/s
  4. Process the payroll

Reporting on On-Call

To report on the On-Call there are multiple reports that will need to be run

  1. Leave Taken Details (Leave Type) - For reporting on the hours 
  2. Payroll Allowances / Deductions - For reporting on the Cost

Applying On-Call and Processing

Creating an On-Call Leave Entry

From the Rosters Screen

  1. Navigate to Home > Roster
  2. Create the on-call shift by double clicking on the day for the employee (This will be a blank space, unless you are editing an existing shift) 
  3. Enter the length of the on-call shift in the Time sheet details window
  4. Enter any General Notes that you require. 
  5. Click on Save   
    NOTE: You may need to remove breaks that might have been automatically created 
  6. Right Click on the Newly added shift to bring up the menu
  7. Select Shift Change To > On-Call (or what ever you have made the name of the leave entry)
  8. This will change the shift to be the on-call leave entry. It will show as an OTH leave entry, as it is not drawing from any leave accruals
  9. If you are using the On-Call role then expand down the list of Roles, from the Locations side bar
  10. Drag and Drop the On-Call role on to the shift. This will change the Role of the shift and also the colour to more easily recognise the on call shift  

TIP: If the On-Call shifts are regular then I would recommend adding them into your Roster Template/s. 

If during the Setup you did apply the additional Step of Allow Non Rostered Clock On/Off then double click to the shift and enter in the Actual times.

From the Time sheet Screen

  1. Navigate to Home > Time Sheets
  2. Select the Employee you are needing to add the On-Call Shift to.
  3. Click on Add
  4. Updated the Time Sheet Details to have the following 
    1. Select the Date
    2. Type: Leave
    3. Shift: Add the Shift times for the On-Call
    4. Role: (Optional) changes to be On-Call
    5. Category: Select On-Call
    6. Add any General Notes you require
      NOTE: If during the Setup you did apply the additional Step of Allow Non Rostered Clock On/Off then enter in the Actual time entries.
  5. Click Save
  6. This will then enter a time sheet for the correct amount of time and the Shift/type will display as On-Call

Processing in Payroll

Please be aware that processing the On-Call this way there will be NO leave accrual on the On-Call hours

  1. Enter into Payroll as normal
  2. Navigate the the Employee who was On-Call
  3. Expand down the Gross Hours to view the total hours that have been allocated to the On-Call shifts. (You will notice that the $ amount for these hours are $0.00
    TIP: Change the View to be Payment Type - Medium to view all of the section in the payroll screen easily.
  4. Expand down the Gross Allowances/Deductions
  5. For the On-Call Allowance that has been added to the employee (See: On-Call setup for Rosters to Payroll) Click on the 0.00 hrs to add the number of hours that the employee was on call for (Or days that the employee was on call for, depending on the allowance set up)
  6. Process the rest of the Payroll as normal.


One thing to note is that on the payslips it will show the On-Call hours under the Gross Hours with a $0 value and the Payment of On-Call will be under the Allowances/Deductions