Please be advised there is currently a known issue with Telstra provided V7610 NBN modems (Device pictured below), where intermittently the Port forwarding settings on the modem will cease to work correctly.

This error may cause interruptions to your:

  • Remote ClockOn Clients on ports TCP 12005 -12006
  • ClockOn Scanners on TCP  11010 (Morpho Branded), 51211 (Suprema Branded)
  • ClockOn Web portal  on TCP 8888
  • ClockOn GO mobile App  on TCP 8080 or 9000


Restarting the modem is the ONLY current solution to this issue.

NOTE: When doing a restart we recommend doing so outside of business hours as this will cause a loss of internet connectivity while the device reboots.

If the issues persists or occurs more than once a week we would recommend contacting your internet server provider or IT provider and advising them of the issue.