The below guide will step you through how to set a Default super fund. 

For information on how you add a superannuation fund read: Adding Super Funds

Setting up the Default Fund

  1. To Access the System Setup screen you will need to ensure that all other ClockOn Windows are closed. Navigate to Setup > System Setup.
  2. In the System Setup click on the Super tab
  3. From the Fund drop down list select the super fund that you want to make the default.
    TIP: To make the Default fund easier to find when applying it to an employee add a to the start of the fund Name then click Save
  4. Under the Location section click on the Select All button to select all of the location that this Super fund is allocated to.
    NOTE: If there are no locations in this section click on Add
  5. Click on Edit
  6. In the Edit Plan No. window add the Super Funds Plan Number 
  7. Select the Default tick box.
  8. Click on Save.
    NOTE: The Range section allows you to choose a different default super fund depending on the employees default location.
  9. The default super funds for will be indicated by a tick next to Location.

Applying the Default Fund to an Employee

  1. Navigate to the Employee Details screen (Setup > Employee Details)
  2. Click on the Pay Tab
  3. Under the Superannuation section click on the Employer Fund drop down menu
  4. select the Default super fund. (If you added the to the fund name then it will be the first in the list
  5. You don't need to add a Member No. for this fund.
  6. Click on Save