Question: How do I payroll an employee early? 


Payrolls can be processed at any time. If you are choosing to process the current a payroll early for one or more employees please ensure that you have validated all of the time sheets for the period you are about to process. 

  1. Navigate to Payroll tab > Payroll or click on the calculator Icon in the quick launch toolbar
  2. Deselected (untick) the Include all employees option, above the list of all the employee to allow you to select the employee/s that you want to process in the payroll
  3. Once this has been deselected you will be able to select employee/s from the list, and from there you can process the payroll and generate your reporting as per normal.TIP: You can multi-select is available using the CTRL and Shift keys as you would within Windows.

Reporting on an early Payroll

During the payroll process itself the system will only show the reporting for what you have processed however if you want to view reporting that combines the values for these periods (Both the early payroll and the on time payroll) you can load the reports from the reports manager. The following screenshot shows a report period that has been loaded.

NOTE: In the payroll period Id drop down both the payroll period Ids have been included.