Question: How do I edit the pay period to run a back pay?


Past payroll periods can be processed at any time. To do this you will need to select the employee/s that you need to back pay and then edit the payroll period.

  1. Navigate to Payroll tab > Payroll or click on the calculator Icon in the quick launch toolbar

  2. Deselected (untick) the Include all employees option, above the list of all the employees to allow you to select the employee/s that you want to process in the payroll

  3. Once this has been deselected you will be able to select employee/s from the list,
    TIP: You can multi-select is available using the CTRL and Shift keys as you would within Windows.

  4. With the employee/s select that you want to process click on Edit Period

  5. The Edit Pay Period window will open, click on the Start date drop

  6. Using the Calendar from the drop-down navigation to the start date of the previous period

  7. Depending on what period is selected (in this screenshot it is Fortnightly) the end date will automatically propagate

  8. Consider Enabling the No entitlements payroll option for this payroll. 
    (Where that employee has already had their normal payroll processed and has had the normal leave accruals generated. By selecting No Entitlements Payroll, the back pay processing will not generate the accruals twice.)

  9. Click on Save

  10. You will be asked to confirm the pay period change. Click on Yes

  11. A separate pay period will appear in the payroll window with the employee/s that you previously selected. You can then process the payroll, as normal, to include the back pay amounts.
    TIP: If the End Date is a day before the next period then once the payroll is processed then the processed employee/s will then slot into the next payroll.

Reporting on a Back Pay Payroll

During the payroll process itself, the system will only show the reporting for what you have processed however if you want to view reporting that combines the values for these periods (Both the back pay payroll and the on-time payroll) you can load the reports from the reports manager. The following screenshot shows a reporting period that has been loaded.

NOTE: In the payroll period Id drop down both the payroll period Ids have been included.