Question: How do I turn on roster publish in ClockOn.


Before you can use the roster publish options from the rosters screen in ClockOn there are a couple settings that need to be checked.

  1. Roster Publish needs to be enabled in the System Settings
  2. The Security Roles that are assigned to the employees who are required to publish rosters will need to have Can Publish enabled.

System Settings

  1. To Access the roster tab you will need to ensure that all other ClockOn Windows are closed. Navigate to Setup > System Setup

  2. Click on the Roster tab
  3. Tick Publish Roster.  This allows a roster officer to design a roster in an unpublished state and when they are ready, click publish to both notify and make it visible to staff.
  4. Once enabled click on Save

Can Publish Security Role

The Roster | Can Publish security role allows an administrator to turn on and off the ability to publish rostered shifts. If this is disabled for a security role but the role still has access to the roster then the assigned employees will be allowed to create and save unpublished rosters. This option will need to be enabled to allow an employee to publish the rosters. This allows for further flexibility when rostering.

  1. Go to Setup > Security Roles.

  2. Filter visible security roles by selecting from the Role drop down list.
    Alternatively, you can leave the view as All and expand using the triangle buttons shown to the left of each security role.
  3. Once you have selected a security role for editing, expand the list to display detailed security settings. Scroll down through the security settings until to get to Roster | Can publish
  4. In the Include column enable (tick) Roster | Can publish
    NOTE: Keep in mind that the changes you make here are applicable to all employees who are assigned this role (i.e. in Employee Personal Details Tab).
  5.  Update any other security role that requires this.
  6. Click Save and then Close.

Addition Information