Payroll Tab > Create ABA File

If you have already closed out of the payroll wizard you can still create an .aba file.

  1. Navigate to Payroll > Create ABA File
  2. The EFT Export file window will open
  3. Select the Payroll period that you would like to generate the .aba file for
    NOTE: This will default to the last payroll run 
  4. Click on the Export icon
  5. A confirmation window will pop up asking if you are sure you want to create the E.F.T file now. Click on Yes. This will create the .aba file that you can use to upload into your bank account to pay your employees. (For more information read: Configuring ClockOn for ABA Files)
    NOTE: If you already have an .aba for for this pay period it will overwrite the file. If you don't want the file overwritten, navigate to the file location of the .aba file and rename the file
  6. Once created there will be pop up notifying you that the E.F.T file has been created. Click on OK
  7. The E.F.T Export File window will now show a read out of the .aba file that has been save to the chosen file location/s
  8. Click on Close to exit this window

    The .aba file uses the following naming convention: The end date of the payroll being paid plus the first thirteen characters of the linked location name. Due to filename limitations imposed by some banks, the filename is limited to a total of 22 characters in length.
  9. Open the internet banking program and import the .aba file.