Under the Messages section of the message centre administrators can view and send messages to and from your employees. All new (unprocessed) messages will be shown in bold under the unread section.

Creating a Message

  1. Open up the message centre
  2. Click on New Message
  3. Fill out the New Message information
    1. Select the Employee/s that you want to send the message to
    2. Select the Type of message it is for filtering purposes (Custom, Payroll, Roster)
    3. Enter in the message Subject
    4. Enter in the message details in the Description field
    5. Choose a Response type for how the employee will need to respond to the message from the ClockOn GO app.
      1. Not required: No response is required from the employee, but they can reply
      2. Employee must confirm: The employee must confirm that they have read the message
      3. Employee must confirm or decline: The employee will reply with a confirm or decline response
  4. Click on Send to send the message to the employees selected.
  5. Once sent the message will go to the Sent section of the messages. Here you can delete the message if you need to.

Replying to Messages

  1. Click on the Inbox view all of your messages. Unread messages will be Bold.
  2. Select the message you want to reply to. The message will be in the side bar to the right
  3. Click on Reply
  4. Enter your response in the Description section.
  5. Select the Response type if required
  6. Click on Send