When it comes time to approve your report previews, getting a copy of your aba file, and event sending the MPS team new employee information you can use your mobile device to this. 

NOTE: Depending on the mobile device you are using there may be some differences in the screenshots however the steps are the same

Mobile phone access to the OPS Customer Portal

  1. In your email app Open up the email send from MPS
  2. Press on the Open Link
  3. You will be taken to a Verify Your Identity Web Page on your phone (If you have Onedrive or SharePoint already installed on your phone you will be asked to Open in browser. Press on OPEN ITEM)

    TIP: At this point add this point save the link onto your devices using Add Bookmark, Add to Home Screen, or Add to Favourites
    • On an iPhone (Safari): 
      1. Press the Share button at the bottom of the page
      2. From the menu that opens click on the Add to Home Screen
      3. This will then add a SharePoint icon to your home screen like an app

    • On a Samsung/Android phone (Chrome)
      1. Press the 3 dots in the top right of the screen
      2. From the menu press on Add to Home screen

      3. Enter a name for the home screen icon and click on ADD

      4.  This will then add a new icon to your home screen like an app.

  4. Enter your email address (the same one you received the original email from OPS)

  5. Press on Next

  6. An email will be sent to the email address and you will be taken to a Enter Verification Code Page

  7. Switch Over to your email app

  8. Open up the email from no-reply@sharepointonline.com

  9. Press and hold on the Account verification code number. This will open up the edit options

  10. Press on Copy

  11. Switch back to your Web browser that has the Enter Verification Code page

  12. Press and hold where is reads Enter code. This will open up the edit options

  13. Press on Paste

  14. Once the code is pasted in, press on Verify    

  15. The Verification screen will check that the access code is valid and you will then be taken to your MPS Customer Portal.

  16. Press on the folder that is Payroll with the latest date (ddmmyy)

  17. Press on the folder for the reports you wish to see (In this example it will be the Preview Reports)

  18. This folder will have all of the reports. Press on the report your wish to view

  19. This will open up the report and from there you can zoom in and view the report. You can also rotate your phone to view the report a bit better

  20. To access the report Approve or Decline Note options, press on the icon in the top right of the report.

  21. Pressing the ! on the report will open up the properties menu. From here you can: 
    1. Approve the report for your payroll to be processed by pressing the no under the Approve section and selecting the option Yes (Yes might need to be pressed twice)

    2. to Decline the report please add notes on what the issue is with the report for the MPS team to know what is required to be changed
      NOTE: Only one report needs to be Approves or Declined for a preview.

  22. Press on the X in the top right to close the report and view another report.