On the MA520 keypad, follow the steps below

  • ‘, Red ,’ (bottom right, bottom left, bottom right button)
  • Password “12345” then press Green
  • On the prompt for default password change press Yellow
  • Use the up and down keys to scroll to “More Functions” then press “Green
  • Press “up” to proceed
  • Scroll down to “Config” and press Green
  • Password “12345” press Green, then Yellow for later
  • Scroll to “Configuration” and press Green
  • Scroll to “Net” and press Green
  • Scroll to “Parameters” and press Green
  • Press Green on the “Network Mask” option
  • Check this setting and if it needs modifying press the Green button
  • Enter the correct values and Use the “up” and “down” buttons to move between the sets, press Green when this value is correctly set.
  • Use the up and down arrows to navigate between the “default gateway”, and “network address” options and repeat steps 12 - 13 to modify the values.

To Exit the Unit

  • When you are done push Yellow until you reach a “Quit” screen then press Green
  • Press “up” to proceed
  • Scroll to “maccess” and push Green
  • The unit will then reboot back to the main screen

Once the new settings have been applied a reboot on the unit is required to apply the settings to the unit. To do this simply disconnect and reconnect the network cable from the POE adaptor.