If you are using a 3rd party account package like MYOB or Xero, and you need to create an export or setup the MYOB integration then you will need to add in the packages General ledger (GL) codes. 

Editing the Department Account Information 

  1. First select a locations.
  2. Select a location you wish to add the new department too
  3. Select the Department button.
  4. Select a department followed by the Edit button.
  5. Click on the accounts tab and make required changes.
    NOTE: For information to edit the Department details read: Location Manager - Adding/Editing Department Details
  6. Select the Connection type that is required.
    1. Manual allows you to manually add your accounting packages GL codes.
      1. Select Manual from the connection drop down
      2. Click on the required field to type in the code.
      3. Type in the corresponding code from the accounting package
    2. MYOB allows you to used the connect button, If the integration with MYOB has been setup, to pull a list of all the MYOB general ledger information that can be added to the Accounts in ClockOn.    
      (For more information on Adding a MYOB AccountRight Live Integration click on the link)
      1. Select MYOB from the connection drop down
        NOTE: If there are any GL codes already added in manual mode they will show when changed to MYOB
      2. Click on Connect
      3. Under Account Id, Tax Code and Job Code you will be able to used a drop down menu to select the appropriate details for the Accounts.
    3. Once all has been set click on Save