To create a new role and assign it to an employee please see the steps below
  1. Navigate to Setup > Locations
  2. Single click on the location name and click on Roles
  3. In the Roles click on Add 
  4. In the new Roles window add the following
    1. Add the Role name
    2. Assigned the role to a Department
    3. Add a Short Code (if required for the roster reports)
    4. Change the Colour (Click on the colour square and select the new colour)
  5. Then Click on Save
  6. Once the Role has been added navigate to the Employee Details screen
  7. Select the Employee you want to add the role to
  8. Go to the Roles/Qualifications tab
  9. Click on the Select button from the roles section
  10. Tick the Assigned and if required the Default tick to the newly created role
  11. Click on Save.
You will have now added a new role to an employee.