Joe has requested that his employer set up Super Salary Sacrifice of $50 per payroll.


To add a Super Salary Sacrifice follow the below steps.

  1. Open Employee Details under the Setup tab
  2. Navigate to the employee using the Drop down.
  3. And Click the Edit button. 
  4. Once open Click the add button. 
  5. For the New Allowance do the following:
    1. Enter the Name that will show on the payslip in Section labeled 1
    2. Set the "Type" to be "Super Salary Sacrifice" using the drop down labeled 2
    3. Enter the Amount to be Salary Sacrificed in the section labeled 3 
    4. Select the "Per" using the drop down labeled 4
    5. Select the Employees super fund using the drop down labeled 5
    6. Enter the employees Member number in the  Section labeled 6
  6. and Click save