Provided you have setup a Yahoo email account ClockOn can be configured to use the the Yahoo email servers to send rosters, payslips and PAYG summaries.

As ClockOn uses the direct SMTP method for sending emails you will need to adjust the settings below to allow emails to be sent.

  1. Enable the setting Allow apps that use less secure sign in on your Yahoo account.

Once the above settings have been checked enter the following details into the System Setup screen as detailed below.

  1. Send From: Your Yahoo email address (
  2. Reply Email: Your Yahoo email address (
  3. SMTP Server:
  4. SMTP Port: 465
  5. SSL/TLS Support: Implicit SSL/TLS Support (Gmail, Yahoo)
  6. Delay: 0
  7. User Name: Your Yahoo email address (
  8. Password: Your Yahoo password

Please note that Yahoo has a email sending Limit of 500 Emails a day.

For instructions on how to locate these settings follow the article Configuring Email Settings for Payslips and Rosters.