The ClockOn web portal has the ability for employees to be able to add, edit and delete their own time sheets. Access to this function in the web portal will be dependant on your security roles access (For administrators to enable please see: Enabling Employee Time Sheet Editing in the Web Portal)

How to access the employee time sheets in the Web Portal

  1. In a web browser, navigate to your ClockOn web portal address (Please see your companies ClockOn's administrator or manager for this address)
  2. Login to the web portal with your credentials
  3. Click on the Timesheets menu item
    NOTE: Depending on access more or less menu items may be visible 
  4. Once on the Timesheets page you will be able to edit the following 
    1. Timesheet Search: View and adjust the timesheets range that you need to work with. The default start and end date will be the same as the current pay period that is selected in the back office system.
    2. Timesheet Details: Add and/or edit the Timesheet details.
    3. Timesheets: View and select the timesheets that may need to be edited

How to Add a new time sheet in the Web Portal

  1. Next to the Time sheet details section click on Add
  2. Edit the Start and End dates for the time sheet/s you want to add
  3. Ensure that the correct Location and Department for the time sheet is added.
    NOTE: These will default to the employees default department.
  4. Enter in your Actual start time, end time and break length. (If you need to enter in your actual break times, expand down the Breaks section and click on Add and enter in the correct break times. Click update to save the break times)
  5. Enter in your Shift start time, end time and break length if they differ from your actual times. (Actual times will be duplicated down to the shift times when entered first)
    NOTE: All times need to be entered in as 24hr time
  6. For Leave entries change the Type to be Leave and the Leave Category to the the correct type of leave
  7. Once all of the details are added click on Save

How to edit employee time sheets in the Web Portal

For an employees timesheets to be valid and ready for timesheets approval and/or payroll they need to be Black. Any Red or Purple timesheets will need to be edited in preparation for timesheets approval and/or payroll.

  1. Under the timesheets section select the timesheet you need to edit
  2. Click on the Edit button
  3. This will open up the time sheet under the Timesheet Details section. 
  4. Make the required changes to the time sheet
  5. Once the changes have been made click on the Save button
    NOTE: If you need to make a change to the breaks click on the down button to open up the break section.
  6. Once you have updated all of the time sheet don't for get to logout.