ClockOn uses the Windows region settings within to determine how the time format is displayed within the system.
This guide will show you how to adjust this setting to use the 24 hour format from the Windows defaulted 12 hour format.

  1. The first step is to open the Control Panel, to do this click the start menu and then type Control Panel into the search box, this will show the Control Panel app.

  2. Once this has been opened you will see the Adjust your computer settings screen. select the option to  Change date, time or number formats.

  3. This will open the Region screen

  4. From here you will need to change the Short time setting to HH:mm and Long time options to use the format HH:mm:ss

    Technical note: Windows expresses the difference between the 12 and 24 hour format by using lower case 'h' for the 12 hour system and uppercase 'H' for 24 hour, also by having the two next to each other it will allow for the leading 0 if no number is present.

  5. Once this has been done, click OK and open ClockOn, your time format will now display in the 24 hour format.