Parking a Payroll (Saving a payroll in process)

Clicking on the Park icon at any stage to temporarily store an incomplete or unapproved payroll prior to final processing. This is also required if you need to attach an Allowance or Rate Set to an employee.

  1. From within the Payroll click on Park
  2. When clicking in the Park icon you will need to confirm the park.
  3. Click OK to finalise the park (save)
  4. Once finalised you will be taken back to the home screen

Accessing a Parked Payroll

Parked payrolls may be subsequently resumed by: 
  1. navigating to Payroll tab > Parked Payrolls or by returning to the initial payroll screen where the following prompt appears (when parked payrolls are present)
  2. Select OK to display a list of parked payrolls. Select the parked payroll and continue processing as normal.
  3. By selecting Cancel, all other unprocessed payrolls are displayed for payroll processing as normal.
  4. On the Payroll period screen, the Pay Period will have (parked) after it, indicating this is the parked payroll. 
  5. Click next to enter into the payroll

Removing a Parked Payroll

  1. Access the parked payroll (See above)
  2. Select the Remove icon located next to the Park icon on the main toolbar.
  3. You will be prompted with a warning. Click on Yes to remove the park
  4. Click OK to finalise the removal
  5. Once finalised you will be taken back to the home screen