I am unable to submit my timesheets to MYOB via the Integration wizard due to the following error:

"Name" : "CompanyFilePreferenceForTimesheet",
"Message" : "Company File preference to 'Use Timesheet for...' should be ON",
"AdditionalDetails" : null,
"ErrorCode" : 34003,
"Severity" : "Error"


In MYOB the timesheet feature is optional. Before using timesheets, you need to set your timesheet preferences, in MYOB

To setup timesheet preference in MYOB

  1. Go to the Setup menu and choose Preferences. The Preferences window appears.
  2. In the System tab, select the I Use Timesheets for [...] and My Week Starts on [...] preference.
  3. For ClockOn to submit timesheets you need for MYOB to use timesheets to record payroll information only, select Payroll from the I Use Timesheets for [...] list.
  4. Select the first day of your timesheet period from the My Week Starts on [...] list, enter the first day of your timesheet period.
    Note that if you just use timesheets for payroll and your pay period starts on a different day each period, for example, you pay monthly, you can select any day.
  5. Click OK.